Other parent organizations that help the Ladue Horton Watkins High School community:

Ladue Dads Club

The Ladue Dads’ Club is a service organization dedicated to furthering scholarship, leadership and social responsibility of Ladue High students; promoting a spirit of cooperation and involvement among the school, fathers, and other parent organizations; and providing opportunities for fathers to network in a social environment while supporting the students and the school. Dads' Club partners with students, faculty, administration, families and the community to nurture family relationships and provide a secure and healthy environment to enhance the quality of the LHWHS education and values-based leadership development of students in a culturally and religiously diverse world. Check out their Facebook page, or contact Tom Rose at laduedadsclub@gmail.com for information.


Ladue Special Education Parent Council

The Ladue Special Education Parent Council (SEPC) is focused in three areas, to support Ladue School District students who receive services through the Special School District of St. Louis County:

  • Advocate Within Our Schools - SEPC engages the Ladue School District and the Special School District to provide parent input on matters concerning special education and the students who receive services.
  • Educate Parents - SEPC educates parents about special education and how special education services are delivered.
  • Provide a Network of Parents - SEPC provides the parents of children who receive special education services the opportunity to connect with each other and build a community of support among families.

Find more information, learn of upcoming meetings, and sign up to get more information at the Ladue SEPC website.